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I am always searching for beautiful spaces to inspire me. So, it was a real pleasure to stumble across the home of designer Emily A. Clark. The thing that I love about it is that it's what I call "real life decorating". It looks beautiful and feels custom, but when you break it down there's nothing that couldn't be had or made or found for reasonable prices and in almost any area of the country. Even better than all of that though is that it appears that the home is fairly new construction. I'm not a big fan of new construction because so often it feels cookie cutter and dull. Her beautiful home proves that new doesn't have to mean cookie cutter and so I thought I'd share some of it with you. Actually, come back this week and I'll show you more of the rooms! 

The Family Room!
Love those deep blue walls, proving once again that dark walls do not equal a space feeling closed in and small! That coffee table is something that you could easily find at a second hand store and paint white.

Notice the back of the bookshelves are painted the same color as the wall? 

Navy, white and chartreuse are a perfect color combination. The chartreuse freshens it up and makes it feel so current and alive!

Yes, you can do rug on carpet! Just make sure the rug is a low pile.

Check out the pop of red in the lamp, in the books and below in the red apples.
 It keeps your eye moving around the room. 

Woven blinds and simple grommet drapes hung high to heighten the room finish off the space.
Great job, Emily! Thanks for sharing!

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