Room Redo!

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, a room just doesn't come together 
the way you hoped it would.
When you're dealing with a small budget and a mish mosh of items, 
you can end up with a room that might have been better off the way it was before.
Let's take a look at the room above and see what we might do a bit differently.
1. Focal walls can go really wrong, really fast. And this one kinda did. 
The color is too jarring against the creamy walls and 
doesn't work at all with the rest of the space.
 Additionally, it really isn't the right wall to have done it on to begin with.
 A focal wall here should have been the window wall, or none at all. 

2. The items hung on the walls and the accessories on the stools
are not providing any wow factor or punch.
They aren't functional, beautiful or family mementos. 

3. The window treatments are just not working. The color, the pattern and oy, the length. 
Short curtains or drapes are a sure fire way to date your home...
and I don't mean that you went out to a nice dinner and a movie. 
Add on to that that the short length and lowered cornice 
only make the ceiling height feel shorter and squatty and you have a big problem.

4. While sitting at the desk, you wouldn't have a view out of the window 
and I for one don't want to stare at a wall.

5. For a woman's office, the red isn't feeling sophisticated, sexy or even pretty. 
It kinda feels 1990. Where's the Nagel?

A dramatic change could be had for very little money, 
time or effort and here's how:

1. Paint the entire space a color that inspires you. 
Make sure to test out the colors
on poster boards before you paint all the walls and have fun!
It's not a main living area, so you can get a bit crazy. 
A fresh peony pink would be super girly and change the space on it's own!

2. Change the way the desk is placed. 
I'd face the desk into the space and use the small stools 
that were there as a place for someone to sit and chat with you. 
I'd put it in your plan to look for a whimsical, upholstered desk chair. 
These can be had at all price points and should again 
say something about who you are and what you love. 

3. Bring something functional into the space! 
Repurpose a dresser in your home by painting it white and the hardware black. Don't have one? 
Goodwill is your buddy here.
 Easily found for not much money, you'll not only have
a place to store files, papers, pictures and such, 
but it provides a place to sit a couple of lamps to light up your beautiful new space! 

4. Go bold or go home!
Add on to the two framed mirrors you had on the wall by going out and buying four more.
You'll bounce more light off with the additional mirrors and 
really create a wow factor with very little money.
Have some fun on that hall wall as well! 
Bold wallpaper would be great, but even painted black and white stripes
 would jazz it up and make you smile every day.

5. Soften up!
Simple white drapes can be banded in ribbon and as long as you go up and out, you won't cover up the window area allowing all that natural light to come in and shine on you!
At some point, you can pick up a simple jute rug which sort of 
grounds the feminine color palette and brings some earthiness in.

Need help with your own spaces?
Email me for more information!

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Melissa said...

HA HA ..."where's the Nagel?"

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