San Fran Designer Showcase

You know I love a designer showcase and the one is San Francisco this past May did not disappoint. 
Check out the amazing work by Matt Murphy in the master bedroom of the home.
 It doesn't get much better than this!

This whole little vignette above makes my heart go pitter pat. The triangle of orange pops, the side chest with the nail heads, those lamps and that herringbone patterned chair? Come on!

You know what I love so much about this? Everything. There's nothing over your head. Nothing to chi-chi. Nothing that's there for the sake of claiming, "Look at me! I'm so fancy and unnecessary! Everywhere you look it's just beautiful, functional and collected items that work fabulously together. 

I love how the chair legs mimic the lines of the desk. 
And this is the perfect example of how a mirror should reflect something beautiful! 

Small details, like the small piece of art on the tabletop easel really start to make a space feel finished. This could be done with a framed letter your grandfather wrote your grandmother or even just a framed piece of interesting scrapbooking paper! Keep your eye out for coffee table books on the clearance aisle of your bookstore. You can tear out pages with beautiful florals, patterns or pictures and frame them super inexpensively. 

Notice the pops of black throughout the space and the way the use of color keeps your eyes moving around the room? This is Design 101! Loving that chartreuse color in the back of the display case! 


Look around your you love everything you see? 

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