Cafe d'Marie

I managed to arrange for a day off today that I intended to use to paint my kitchen woodwork, so, like every responsible woman, I got up and decided to instead go get a mani/pedi and try out a new cafe in town for lunch. I'll spare you the details of how horrible the nail services were...I'm still burning up about it...and skip right to the most pleasant part of my day. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across the name of a new cafe in town, Cafe d'Marie, and was glad to see they had a facebook page. After looking at the menu and the pics on the page, I was excited to give it a try. So, after a failed attempt at relaxation and pampering, I headed downtown Davenport and found this brick home which houses the cafe.

 It had just started to drizzle and was a bit chilly when I walked in the door, so how great to immediately be hit with the warmth of this place and feel so at home there. After heading down the cozy hallway, you step into a lovely brick-walled space that could easily be on any Paris street corner. The menu is there for you to peruse and is filled with all things yummy..quiche, paninis, soups, salads, pastries and any tea and coffee drink of which you can think. 

 Like any good reviewer of a local place,
 I ordered a few things to try...you're welcome ;) ...it was a tough job.
I tried the quiche with chicken and red leicester cheese (sharp cheddar) and a decaf peach tea over ice. I also bought a few things to take home and try...a lemon cake, peanut butter cookie and a homemade cinnamon roll. Each and every item was fabulous...truly. The quiche was perfect and the deliciously moist lemon cake, in particular, was hard to just take one bite and walk away from. My husband will be one lucky guy tonight when he comes home and gets to eat the three treats that I allowed myself to simply taste. Darn calories.

You can see how charming this place is and though there were certainly things I would change or do a bit differently, the owners (who were lovely and so nice) told me right off the bat that it's still a work in progress.
They have a fabulous start and I look forward to seeing how it evolves so, until then, will hold off on making any kinds of design judgement. It won't take much to make this place perfect, that's for sure!

 If you are like me and are constantly complaining that there simply aren't enough local, charming cafes and restaurants in town than you really should check this place out. Perfect for a breakfast or lunch meeting or just a little personal down time with a good book. So, support this local business and show these owners that their hard work is valued and appreciated. 
Hmmm...one more bite of that lemon cake won't kill me, right? 
You can find the address and info for Cafe d'Marie

Have a great night!


Gail P Smith said...

Great pictures--I'm hoping to go there today for the first time and I'm looking forward to a great time! Glad to find your blog. If you'd like to follow me, LMK & I'll give you my info.

Jen of All Trades said...

Hope you enjoyed it Gail! I'd love to hear what you thought of it. Thanks for stopping by and I'd love to check out your blog so feel free to send me the link or post it right here. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Carrie DeVine said...

When are we going? :)

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