Nook Envy!!!

Ok, come on. I am willing to bet not a one of you have a space similar to these to rightcheer.
This first one is just a hoot and a holler and I love it. The entry drapes in that bold polka dot banded with corally red and the striped wallpaper tying it in...or is that fabric on the back wall.
This nook is perfect for a game of Scrabble or a casual cup a joe and the Sunday paper. That light fixture is the unexpected and the rustic element is just what the space needed.
Craft Room — San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2011 eclectic
Fraise via Houzz

I am a total foodie and wanna be chef. Well, hmmmm, that's not entirely true, I suppose. I'd just love to spend a year at a Parisian cooking school and soak up all the knowledge to use at home. I actually have zero desire to work chef hours or ever again experience the chaos that is a restaurant kitchen. 
Too many years of being a server was enough for me, thank you very much.
However! I do love me a good cookbook and can spend an entire day at Borders (side note: how sad is it that many of the Borders are closing?! Ours was having a massive clearing out sale yesterday with all of the upper bookshelves already empty, and yet when asked they said they were staying open. ?huh?) looking at cookbooks and writing down recipe after recipe...most of which I will never, ever try. 
So, I LOVE this little nook below. It's a "cookbook nook"! This is where he sits and peruses his cookbooks which are on shelves to the left of the pic and he has a little plasma tv on a chest to the right that plays Julia Child's or Food Network on a loop. 

Goodness, I love a nook!!!
Cookbook Nook — San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2011
Brian Dittmer's cookbook nook

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