The Greatest Show on Earth?

A couple of years ago I read the book Water For Elephants and really enjoyed it, so I was happy to hear they were coming out with a movie based on the book. Happy and frankly not so sure I would see it if the reviews weren't great because I hate to ruin a good book with a bad movie. So, much to my dismay, I checked to discover it had only received 53% and I was bummed. After my husband talked me into going to the "picture show" as he calls it to be old-timey, I begrudgingly agreed to Scream 4 because of the bad reviews of this one. So, we're walking in the theater, passing the Water For Elephants entrance and decide last minute to pop in and watch it instead. (Yes, I know that's wrong and that they won't get the ticket sales. Sometimes you just gotta live on the wild side. ;)) 

I'm really glad we did. I enjoyed it quite a bit and found it to have the same spirit as the book. I'm not even a Robert Pattinson fan (or of his under-acting style) but here it worked. No big review here...just wanted those of you on the fence about seeing it to teeter totter to the other side and feel good about checking it out this weekend. Love, loss, and the Circus. Oh! The circus! Great backdrop for a film. You'll get your heart broken a couple times due to some sad animal mistreatment...and yes, I cried...I know, shocker...but, it was worth it. Great way to spend an hour and a half. Hope you like it, too. 
Whatever you do this weekend, I hope you have a ball!

Oh, and PS! Task one today, done! Cleared out all 2,000 emails in my inbox this morning through filing or good ol' deleting and now have ZERO! What a fabulous feeling. Organization, here I come!!!!



Karena said...

Jen I have read the book also and really am excited to see the glad you have give a thumbs up!

LOve your site!

Art by Karena

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Jen of All Trades said...

Let me know what you think of the movie, Karena! Thank you for the nice comment about my blog and have a wonderful Easter Sunday! :)

Carrie DeVine said...

2000?! I thought I was bad at 600!! :)

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