Just a few more days!

For those of you that have noticed my absence over the last couple of weeks, thanks for hanging in there with me! I've been consumed with the space I'm designing for the Designer Showcase portion of the QCHBA Home Show this weekend. I've barely come up for air in the last month or so, but am happy to say I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Really, what brought me out of my brief "sabbatical" is that I got the nicest email from my brother-in-law saying that he and my mother-in-law, Carol, spent some time looking at my humble little blog and enjoyed it. Apparently, Carol has been looking at my blog for a while unbeknownst to me and to say I'm flattered is an understatement. Isn't is so nice to know that at any random moment someone out there that you respect and care about is looking at your work and thinking you've done a good job! Made my day.

And then I thought...welp, I guess my sabbatical is over! Back on it...gotta keep her interested! ;) Here's just a teaser picture of what I'm working on right now. The full photo shoot will follow early next week.
Until then, have a wonderful weekend and if you're in the area you can find me at the Home Show this weekend in the Designer Showcase annex.
See you there!

Photo by Kristin Geerts Photography


Melissa said...

I HAVE NOTICED!! Can't wait to see your space this weekend!!

A rootdigger said...

looked at reactions, failed to see love it, so I will say, love that pic. gosh I hope you come back with tons of photos. I envy you.

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