My Whirlwind Month

 This last month has just flown by, hasn't it? I can't believe it's already November! Between Jen of All Trades stuff, Interior Image, teaching two classes and trying to squeeze in some blogging, I'm pooped! It's months like these that I'm so grateful to be doing what I love...otherwise, I'm pretty sure I'd just plop down on the sofa with a bag of leftover Halloween candy and not move for a few weeks. I did take a couple of days to enjoy my favorite time of year and took drives in search of the perfect Autumn tree and though I think I was a bit too late, I was able to capture a few images during my day trips that I thought I'd share. The first ones are just from a drive I took to take a look at some cabins I've always wanted to stay in about an hours drive away.

My parents love a supper club so I always am on the look out for next wall arrangement will be all different images of supper club signs that I come across during my travels. Kitschy, but they make me grin.

 Stumbled across this vacant house on the hill for sale with a beautiful wrap around porch and amazing views of the river. Is it wrong to pull really hard on all the doors in hopes one might just open up? And would it be worse if I just let myself in and wandered for a while? Oh. Ok. I didn't do either one.
 I wish you could have seen this street in person. Omg. The colors were stunning.

Shawn and I haven't been able to get out of town together for a while and so we decided to take a drive along the river and go up to Galena for the day. We stopped in Clinton to drive through a park my grandparents used to take me to. It's funny how the memories come rushing back and I could smell my grandpa's aftershave and hear my grandma laughing. I miss them...alot.

An hours drive from here is a charming little town called Galena, Illinois and it's like stepping back in time in the best way possible. Every time I'm there I wonder why I don't go more often. It's the perfect girl's getaway spot...but have you tried to get 6-8 of your closest girl friends together lately for a weekend getaway? Nearly impossible...but I think I'll make it my mission for the Spring.
 Old fans and typewriters...vintage cameras and dress forms all make my heart race as I pray while checking the price tag that THIS will be the time that I find a bargain. Never happens, darn it.

 These chairs would be fabulous silver leafed and in aubergine velvet. 

One small styrofoam cup of hot apple cider and one chocolate covered strawberry, please. That'll be $7.00. 
Say, what?! We've been hoodwinked!!

Loved these three wise men made of metal...they were about 3 feet high.

 I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that Poopsie' favorite store in Galena...was empty. I stood in dismay for several minutes thinking it had to be a weird mirage...but it wasn't. But great news! When I came home I got online to find out what happened and when it closed and found out through their facebook page that they'll be reopening in the Spring. Yippee! and Yahoo!

Cute little shopping finds:

Still full from lunch, we decided to head home before having dinner at my favorite Galena restaurant. If you haven't tried!

Last week, the head of the Interior Design department and I took my Kitchens and Baths class to the Merchandise Mart in Chicago for a couple of days. This yearly trip is a whirlwind of inspiration and blisters on the feet that is tempered with a great dinner and a show...this year was Billy Elliot.
We stayed at a great little boutique hotel called the Hotel Burnham and it was fabulously close to the Ford Theater where the show was. On top of that, the Atwood Cafe...a restaurant I've always heard great things about, is right in the hotel and it was just perfect. Great food...great ambiance and a five minute walk to the theater. 

Our second day at the mart we went to The Dream Home exhibit which is a designer showcase that gives different designers each year to kind of strut their stuff. You walk through it like you would a home...through the entry, the living room and dining rooms, etc.. There was lots of ooohing and ahhing and if you get a chance you should check it out as it and the entire first floor of the mart are open to the public. 

 Loved this orange fabric on the walls and that chandelier was sublime.

 The island had a gemstone top that was lit

 The drapes had a band of silk...something we do quite a bit, but the detail of the pleats made them outstanding.

 Loved the tri-pod lamps and you should have seen the outdoor had grass growing around the tiles creating the most graphic pattern. Loved it.

This dining room was a showstopper...dark and moody a place I could gladly hang for an evening of red wine and good friends. The insert at the end of the table shown above was little peacock feathers...all peacock feathers! Hello! Fabulous!!!! Yummo.

Well, that completes the tour. I hope that was even a smidge interesting...I'm a terrible gauge of such things. If not, well now it's done and we can move on to bigger and better things in the posts to come! Enjoy your day!

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