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For those of you that don't Etsy, you're missing out! I could spend days on that site and never get tired of looking at all the fabulous creations of people from around the world. From clothing, to wall decor, to really great gift ideas, the items range in price and what I love is that you so often stumble across a relatively unknown artist that you can just tell is on the verge of breaking through. Which is what happened to me when I came across Cari Humphry's artwork and I fell in love. Here's why:
I don't know what it is about cows...they make me smile from ear to ear when I see them done in this sort of "folk arty" way. I love this guy so much that I want to do a whole wall with this little dumpling in the center surrounded by his smaller scaled friends below.  

 But, she doesn't just do cows! Oh, no, my friends...she has more!

Come on, how adorable is she?!

Love this one, too. Frankly, I'd take them all!
The great news is that one lucky winner is receiving a $30 gift certificate which would cover the price of many of these lovely little prints and can be hanging in your home in just a couple of weeks!

So, who's the artist and who's the winner? Let's start with the artist!
Cari Humphry was nice enough to tell us a bit about herself. 

She says, "I was born in Forrest City, a small rural town in eastern Arkansas.  After attending the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, I graduated in 1997 with a BS in Accounting. While at the UofA I studied Architecture my first year and intermingled art & painting classes in her schedule as electives. 

After nine years of working in public and non-profit accounting, I began painting again.
This started by taking a class from a good friend and great artist, Cheri Wollenberg. Painting quickly became a habit, or a healthy obsession. I am intrigued with great artists who capture movement and light with such loose and simple strokes. "For me, the most enjoyable part of painting is the translation from the subject to the canvas...conveyed through the compostion, the movement in the brush strokes and the use of color to enhance the light."

I am married with two children living in beautiful Northwest Arkansas. I am blessed to be a full-time mom and wife, but I do squeeze in painting almost everyday!

A collection of my work is currently hanging in Gallery 202 in historic 
Franklin, TN. I also have several pieces locally in NW Arkansas at Riffraff and House Special Interiors. 
Online my work can be found at and purchased through or"

Cari J. Humphry

I want to thank Cari for participating in the giveaway and encourage all of you to check her out at her Etsy site or any of the links she provided. Many of her prints are small 7x7's for as little as $25 so it's easy to bring one home. OK! So, who's our winner? 

Congratulations to fanciliciousfairylands 
who commented on my "It's never too early to panic" post. 

She said, "LOVE YOUR BLOG! I just started another one and added you to my blogroll! Keep inspiring me!!"

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