Mirror, Mirror on the...ceiling?

Just thought I'd post this short post as I think it covers some interesting ideas on how to separate a large space in an unexpected way. This long, rectangular bedroom is quite a challenge to make feel warm and inviting and the use of the overscaled mirror hung from the ceiling does a great job of creating two separate areas and gives them something to back the bed up to. I also thing the use of layered area rugs is really successful here and continues to delineate the spaces. Notice how the bedside table are open at the base and not visually heavy? That's really what allows them to extend past the bed and not stop the eye to much. I also love the tall wood mirror they've used and how it just make the ceilings seem even taller. Just lovely!

Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

OHHHHH how I want to dive into your website and live in those fancy rooms! Love the mirrors!!

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