Is it time yet?!

Pumpkin patches and picnics on plaid blankets are two of my favorite things this time of year, but really it's all about Halloween decorating for me. I can't get enough of these insanely good ideas for pumpkin decorating and party planning. Most of them are pretty simple if you think about it and far more interesting than the old "spooky" face pumpkins...though I'm a sucker for those, too. 

The six pics above are all from Grandin Road at GREAT prices!

Love this Martha Stewart idea. You can find the "how to" HERE or you can find vinyl ones at Jo-Ann Fabrics  for about $10.

What are some of your favorite Halloween Decorating ideas? 


marg said...

There are so many amazing ideas here that I don't even know where to begin. Thanks so much!!!

Laurie Kinney said...

I can't wait for Halloween and have been decorated since early September. My husband makes fun of me but my kids have all had friends over almost every day to show it off. I passed this on to my neighbor who's always hitting me up for tips. Love your blog!

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