Happy Birthday, Julie!

I'm a bit blue today because as three of my best friends head off for a girl's weekend I'm here, unable to go. I have no doubt that they will have the times of their lives and when I say they all deserve it, believe me, they really do. So, I just want to send the biggest "Happy Birthday" out to one of the hardest working, most kind and generous moms, friend, daughter, aunt and sister I may have ever known. 

Below is a pic of the dining room I designed for her a couple of years ago. I know it isn't every one's cup of tea and that ceiling is one you'll either love or hate, but all that mattered to me when it was done was that she loved it and it felt just like her. And it did. So, here's hoping all of you have spaces in your homes that feel just like you, too, and more than anything I hope you're lucky enough to have friends who inspire you and you know without fail would be there for you any time, anywhere. Love ya, Jul!

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