When one door closes...

Life's funny, isn't it? The constant idea that with each seemingly small decision we make, our lives potentially are steered in a completely different direction. It freaks me out a bit and sometimes hinders my ability to make a split second choice when I know that simply deciding whether or not to stop for a coffee could make or break the next ten years of my life. What if I do stop and someone spots me and says, "I can tell you are an utterly brilliant interior designer and I'd like you to help me with my ten million dollar project in St. Barth's."? Reaching, I know. Or what if I skip the coffee and seconds later as I pass the turn off for the coffee shop, I'm blindsided by a drunken idiot and die instantly? Then again, what if I don't die, but rather only break some bones and while I'm recovering in the hospital one of my best friends, who happens to be single, meets and falls in love with my doctor who coincidentally is her soul mate and they get married and live happily ever after? All over whether to stop for a cup of coffee or not. I think that's why I love the movie "Sliding Doors" so much. If you haven't seen it, you can check out the trailer by clicking here. It's probably also part of why I'm obsessed with doors. Big ones, little ones, antique ones and new ones. I can't be the only one, can I? Here are some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy them!

Someday, when I win the lottery, I will own a design shop that looks just like this. 
Minus the Sephora. But love the black and white awnings. 

And of course my favorite of all time. "It's hideous! It hurts my eyes!"

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Carrie DeVine said...

Love the end!!! I may have to watch Sex in the City now!! To live there...aaahhhh that would be the life!!! I would love just to see you decorate it!!

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