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Look. I would like to pretend that I'm one of these people who simply can't imagine having a tv in their bedroom and that I subscribe to the way of thinking that "there are only two things you should be doing in the bedroom). But, I'm not. If you aren't either, here's a perfect way to disguise those eye sores. You can purchase similar ones pre-made, but you could also hire a local person to make you one.
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While this is most definitely a built-in unit, I think it would be an easy solution for someone on more of a budget too. You could go to a discount store or Ikea and find 3 small chests or file units at the same height...making sure to figure in about 2" you need to keep desk height in mind...and place one on each end of your wall. The third goes in the center and then you have your Home Depot guy cut a piece of wood to the depth of the units and the length of the wall and after painting it to match the units, place it top of the whole thing. You could also have a counter made and covered in a laminate surface for better durability for a fairly low price. 
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Although this could easily have turned into a bad Bahama Breeze-looking space by using those fans...I actually really dig it here. Great alternative to a ceiling fan, that's for sure. The smart thing she did here was glam the space up with things like the mirrored chest, that velvet bedding and the upholstered and clean-lined pieces. Had she gone any further with the tropical nature of the fans it would have been a room made for cheese balls. 
(candace olsen)

Did you know that you can easily paint over bad linoleum or vinyl floors? You simply need to clean it well, prime it with Kilz primer, paint several coats (in this case paint the lightest color first and then tape it off and paint the darker color), and then apply a few sealer coats. Sure it's a bit time-consuming, but it's certainly not a difficult task and wow, what a stunning and inexpensive option!

I utilized this map wall idea for a family several years ago and it's a great idea for a family. We chose tacks in several different colors. Each family member had a particular color to represent them and there was one color that represented the family as a whole. Each person would stick there tacks in the cities they had been to and if the whole family visited that place they would just use the family tack color. They also had a different color tack that was used by any of them to indicate places they want to go. Not only is it a great way for kids to become familiar with the world but I think it's really nice looking as well. Win, win!

This ribbon chair is a great way to transform the look of a vintage chair. Just remove the cushions and prime and paint the chair and then staple on grosgrain ribbon in varied colors and widths. Simply put back on the cushions and voila! You have a charming chair for a corner that needs a pop of color 
but doesn't get much use!

Have a great Sunday! I'm off to the dog park with the pups and then home to settle in and watch Design Star!

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