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Confession #2 of the week: My husband and I have lived in our house for 7 years now and I'm lucky enough to have my own dressing room. Well, really we have our master bedroom, a guest room and another room that I have my vanity and most of my clothes in and I just call it my dressing husband, however,  lovingly calls it my "junk room". And, frankly, it kinda is. It's so bad, as a matter of fact, that when we have people over I put a sign on the door that essentially says, "I will kill you if you step a foot in this room." People think I'm kidding...but I think I might mean it. ;) Don't get me wrong, I have big plans for the space...paint colors...thoughtfully chosen. Fabric for drapes...saw it, loved it, bought it. Vintage furniture to paint...waiting in the basement with a layer of dust. Artwork, I've had it for two years. Space plan...solid in my head and perfect for what I need. So, what's the hold-up? I'd love to say I'm just the biggest procrastinator in the world and that that's why I haven't just done it already, but really, if it were that simple I would have just picked up a couple self-help books and called it a day. But, here's the real deal and my actual confession...I keep thinking that any minute, any day now we're going to somehow wake up to children in our lives. Yep, I am the girl that strolls the aisles of TJ Maxx and fills carts full of baby clothes only to suddenly realize, not only have I just spent an hour doing it, but I have no one to put them on (not as insane as it sounds) and even more pathetic than this stupid shopping habit, I often sit and daydream about nurseries and dual twin beds in charming, but utterly Disney-character-free, kids rooms. So, yes, I have held off on the decorating of this "junk room" of mine because I just know that any day now a child is going to enter our lives and I'll have designed the perfect space for me to get ready in when really all I want to be, is getting ready for baby.

So, my friends, if you're lucky enough to share your life with children, 
maybe you can find some ideas from these fabulous pics, but when we have one of our own, through whatever way the universe sees fit, I reserve the right to take the ideas back! 
Til Then, Goodnight, Moon.

Those fabric panels create such drama and playfulness and I'm digging that lantern.

Fresh looking horizontal stripes with a navy painted floor. 

This one's pretty perfect in my book. I love that it doesn't depend on the typical child-friendly colors and patterns and instead is a bit more sophisticated.
(top 3 pic via viva full house)

A ferris wheel. What little kid wouldn't be inspired to keep a clean room if that was where his toys slept?
(via artistic living spaces)

I like the idea of the lambrequin above the closet...really sweet.
(candace olsen)

I know some of you will hate this room and think it's preposterous to think this could be functional...and maybe it isn't, but I don't care. I big huge heart this. This is my dream nursery....and that rocking horse is making my womb ache. Too much info? Yeah. Too much info.

Did you think I wouldn't show you the other side of this room? Notta chance!
(via style beat)

Shouldn't every girl have a room like this at Grandma's? 
Massucco Warner Miller

Not sure what there isn't to love about this nursery.
(via style at home)

Chocolate brown and kelly green for a little boys transitional and unexpected.
(via atlanta showhouse)

Love the Flor tiles and the terrific addition of the the built-ins (or should we call them built-arounds) surrounding the windows. Great use of a simple, yet chic, triple color palette.  PS, I never thought I was a French Poodle fan...but, reference the above rocking horse statement, because it's happening again.


Kris said...

Oh Jen, I love you girl! And you make my heart ache when I read this! (Do you want to borrow my 2 kids for a little while? It can be arranged, believe me!) Anyway, I just LOVE these rooms, especially the pink room designed by Candace Olsen--Meg would just die to have a room like that! And the chocolate and kelly green room? I don't think Jack would care, but I get such a warm fuzzy feeling just thinking about that as his room! :-) You will have your kiddos very soon, I just know this deep in my heart! And they will be so lucky to have such a wonderful, talented mommy (and daddy too!) Have a great day!

Rosanne Palazola said...

I love the look of all the rooms, but the pictures must have been taken before the kids ever saw them because once you have kids, those rooms will never look so beautiful again!!!

Jen of All Trades said...

Kris...I will happily take them anytime! And don't worry, I have full faith that somehow, someway little ones are in our future and then I can create the most beautiful kids room and watch them destroy it. And that's okay by me...there are worse things than rumpled beds and broken doo dads. :D

emily Henderson from The Brass Petal said...

I know whatcha mean. I effing hate cliches, but i'm a big fan of the 'everything happens for a reason' cliche. cause i think its probably true.

I'm working on the interview right now, but i'm in a super bad mood due to last nights kitchen fiasco, so all my answers are coming out really negative which is not how I want to portray my experience. I'll work on it tonight, maybe after a couple drinks (and the bachelorette finale!!!) and hopefully i'll have the answers that we both want.

Jen of All Trades said...

Yes, by all means, have a cocktail! Or four! I'll be watching The Bachelorette tonight, too, and am looking forward to a bit of mindless entertainment with a happy ending.

Don't let that darn show you're on get you down, Emily. They seem to be setting all of you up to fail and I, for one, thought it was ridiculous you were in the bottom two. Chin up! You looked freaking adorable last night and it's almost over and you can get back to your life!

Amy Nelson said...

Oh how I wish I had seen these rooms before I did Lana's Big Girl Room! :) But, I haven't done her playroom yet, and she is totally getting a ferris wheel in there now! :) (If my husband comes after you for that, I'm sorry!)

Jen of All Trades said...

Oh, Amy, I'm used to those rascally husbands. Seriously, that ferris wheel is just about the cutest thing, isn't it?!

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