Mary Mroksek's Magic

While having a most wonderful girl's night away in Galena with one of my oldest and dearest friends, I happily stumbled across these prints that, for some reason on that day, really struck a cord with me. The one below, "Hysteria", is the first I saw and it made me deleriously happy. The artist is Mary Mroksek...I had never heard of her or seen any of her work but she's really gifted I think. I'm so lucky in life to have both a husband and friends who make me laugh like this daily and I knew I had to have it. (As a side note, "Hysteria" will, in my mind, always and forever be dedicated to our car ride back to the hotel
that evening when this is exactly what the scene would have
looked like to anyone passing us. Love you, Jul.)

"Hysteria-it's an acquired taste."

So, then I decided to spend the next half hour looking through her other work and try as I might I could only narrow my purchases down to six. Haven't framed them yet and have no clue where they'll go, but for now, I just quietly carry them around with me in my mind and grin at the idea of them.

"Today will be joyous, for the beauty slamming against my face is unwilling to be ignored."

"For today, the grapes are green, sweet, and plenty."

"They no longer squabbled over riding positions, the red tennies, or whose turn it ws to guide the turtle. They were simply grateful for the fresh air and each other."

"Stroke the air waves, pull up the tulips, break out the well digger's rod...we're gonna yodel tonight!"

"How delightfully rich is one's mind, when doused in hope and left overnight to seed."

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