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I so wish I could check out the Berkshire Botanical Center Designer showcase that's going on right now! I believe they had 5 of these sheds and selected 5 area designers to transform the space and show what they've got. And, boy, did they! Here's what the inside looked like originally (the original outside is shown above)...

Michael Devine's was my absolute favorite. What a genius to conceptualize this and pull it off in the time allotted.

Notice how he played off of the lilac in the tree behind the shed by painting the doors and trim that great purple. I love the treatment he used on the roof and the change out of the window is so much more interesting as a circle.

I could work here. Live here. Eat here and certainly breathe easier here. So lovely and yet not too precious. You go, Michael Devine.

Not only did he increase the size of the window behind the desk but added two floor length mirrors on the back wall dressed in the same fabric treatment and pulled back to mimic the large window and visually extend the space.

The floor is a work of art and the fact that the sofa even fits...much less makes the space seem so cozy is pretty incredible. If I was Andy Cohen and/or Jewish I would totally give you the Mazel of the Week!

This is another of the designs...wish I knew who it was to give them props. Gosh, those windows just made it so open and airy!

Not my favorite, but I get it and think the whimsy in it is fun. Love the mushrooms and I think that branch roof is pretty incredible. If I had a few wooded acres and a handy man, this would be a contender though.

Interesting, but doesn't come close to the transformation of the others in my humble opinion. What do you think? What's your favorite? Great job to all the designers and how exciting to be a part of such a great challenge!

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Becka from Brooklyn said...

Gorgeous! Why can't they do something like this on Design Star?! Thanks for posting this because I hadn't seen the images before. Love your blog and especially liked the tablescape one with all the tips. Keep up the good work OHMIGOSH.

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