Tea Parties and Tutus!

Remember when the term "tea party" simply conjured up visions of big hats and dainty cups instead of a  political party/movement? Those were the days, huh? So, I was more than happy to replace some of those ridiculous FOX news clips floating around my brain and periodically causing me to shake my head in wonderment with some much happier images of actual tea party ideas. A good friend of mine is working on a birthday party for her little girl and she's prepared to go all out for this fete. Knowing her, it will be far more colorful and whimsical than the serious and delicate little soiree you might envision, so I thought I'd post a few inspiration pics that might help her along a bit. 

How adorable is this tea shop in the pics above?!? 
It's like Lilly Pulitzer sprinkled her magic fairy dust all over it! 

Loving the detail on the glasses! Crafters unite!

 Didn't you use to just LOVE magical chairs?!


 Seriously, these are just a hoot. A few stick on "googly eyes" and you've got yourself a party! 

 If this looks familiar, you watch far too much reality tv! (Real Housewives of BH)

Hope that helps a bit, my friend! So many fun little time!


katie said...

Wonderfully talented...I am so happy to call you my friend! XXO, K

Jen of All Trades said...

Right backatcha. :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Jen,

Just stumbled upon your blog and it's so lovely! However, I was really hoping to see credit for the photos you upload to the blog. It's nice to look at them, but even better when you can see the artists, photographers, designers, bloggers, etc., who work so hard to provide this material to share (as I'm sure you understand being an interior designer yourself).

Something to think about.

A Fellow Blogger

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