Curling Up With a GREAT!...Book

Today, I am bound and determined to spend a few hours reading my Kindle and though I do love my favorite reading chair I can't help but dream of other places I'd rather curl up and stay a while. These visions aren't picky by any means...sometimes it's a hammock on the beach...sometimes it's a front porch. Sometimes, it's in a dark library of a room with old books and that luscious old book smell surrounding me.  Here are a few that looked particularly tempting today. What are you reading? Do share!

You might never be able to remove me from this porch. No, forget the "might" and let's just say never. Dear me...I think this is perfection.
(via Kelly Proxmire)

I must say, if I lived in a loft style condo with sky-high ceilings, I would do just this. Line one whole wall with bookcases and fill it to the brim. I'm loving the use of an ordinary ladder...I'd use an old, beat up one with a ton of character...and the ceiling height drapes in that bold apple green. These are the kinds of spaces that make my heart go all a-flutter...imagine the stunning transformation when entertaining or just wanting a bit of a change when you pull the drapes closed and create a verdant backdrop. Love. This.
(via decorno)

Gotta love a chaise like this...and with those french doors open on a 70 degree day...heaven.
(via House Beautiful)

Ok. Come on. Really?! What does one need to do for a living to be able to fund such a space? Apparently, I'm in the wrong least in the wrong city. And silver spoons weren't readily available in my family.
(wish i knew)
Late night cup of cocoa with Bailey's, wood burning fire crackling in the stone fireplace and a little Miles Davis in the background...yes, please.
(wish i knew)

You know...that's the amazing thing about matter how long you study it, do it, research new trends and ideas...there's always something new and breathtaking at every turn. I have to say, I've never seen bookcases like this. Wow. Just, wow. And that chaise...heartbreakingly good. Props to the designer of this. Major props.
(via...wish I knew)

Sweet, no?
via black eiffel

I can smell the salty air and feel myself slightly swinging. Calgon, take me away.
(via Coastal Living)

I have a bay window in our home that I'd love to do this with. It sounds like such a simple change, but there's always something else more pressing that needs to be done. I do love a good window seat though and that cushion looks divinely comfortable. Like my dad always said, "Do it right or don't do it at all."
(via Betsy Burnham)

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